Sarah Dunning and Kevin Isbister are hiring Sian Chaplin Events to source a venue for their forthcoming wedding in autumn/winter 2021. Due to Covid 19 and the current restrictions within the wedding industry, I will do the best I can to source a venue for you but as discussed this may not be possible or could take longer due to a large volume of postponements from 2020 and previous years. Please note that the sourcing charge is based on the research and admin involved to source a venue that fits your requirements. Please be aware that we may need to change the criteria slightly in order to find a venue.

Due to the current situation, I have split the sourcing service into sections to ensure you are paying for the work carried out in stages rather than all at once.

Your venue requirements are listed below. Please do let me know as soon as possible if you have any additional information to add.

– Ideally a barn type venue of similar standard to Wharfedale Grange
– May also consider a mill type venue – something with rustic character rather than a hotel/castle type venue
– Would ideally be looking at a date in September/October or possibly December 2021
– Ideally a Saturday wedding as some of the guests are teachers
– Capacity for at least 150 guests in total
– Breakout rooms would be ideal rather than just one large room
– Nice toilets would be a plus!
– Destination type venues with onsite accommodation would be preferable so that guests can stay for a few days, making more of a celebration across a few days
– A local venue would be nice but happy to go further afield as long as the venue is well located
– Live music is a big factor so would like a venue that can host entertainment with no restrictions and have lots of space
– If in house catering, they need to be able to accommodate a variety of dietary requirements in

Below outlines what the sourcing package includes

Usually I’d ask for the total amount at the time of confirmation but as availability could be a potential stumbling block, I’d prefer to split the payment and arrange an invoice for £200 to start with so that I can carry out the research and establish what availability the venues have first. Once I’ve found up to five venues that fit your requirements and have availability we can then move forward to the next stage of looking further into what they offer, price, viewings etc.

– Research for venues (up to five to start with but I imagine I’ll need to look at more in order to have a better chance with availability) within the UK based on your requirements above.

– Liaising with venues to establish their availability and any additional details that I can’t find online. Given the timeframe and the fact that autumn 2021 could be a busy time I’d like to do this before I send you the venue details so that you know from the outset whether each venue I have suggested has availability.

– Liaising with each venue to establish their T&C’s with regards to postponing due to Covid 19.

Once availability has been established (the additional amount of £300 will be due at this point);

– Creation of a spreadsheet which you will have access to. This will have all of the venue details on there (hopefully around five) so that we can see exactly what boxes each venue ticks with regards to the look and feel, capacity, location etc.

– Arranging meetings over Zoom as well as virtual tours or in person (this will depend on the current lockdown) so that you can chat with the venues you like, hopefully see them in person and get a good feel for them.

– If and when you have a venue that you are happy to book I can look over the contract and make sure everything is included, particularly information about postponements and cancellations.

TOTAL based on the sourcing, research and admin work for up to five venues = £500

Sian Chaplin Events will always recommend and suggest professional and established venues but will not be held responsible for the venue booked. The client will enter into contracts with the venue and ensure they have read and understood them. All suppliers/services contract will be between the client and the supplier/service provider.


Any changes/cancellation made to this contract must be made in writing and signed by all parties.

Booking fees are non-refundable and any earned fees will have to be paid in full within 30 days of cancellation.

Cancellation by Siân Chaplin Events:

Should Siân Chaplin Events be unable to perform any specific tasks in the planning of a wedding, due to the wedding planner illness or hospitalisation, unearned fees will be refunded and we will do our best to find a substitute Wedding Planner.


The wedding couple agrees to pay Siân Chaplin Events the agreed amount prior to any work taking place. Any mutually agreed additional services the wedding planner may incur are to be paid by the bridal couple.

Sarah and Kevin agree to pay Sian Chaplin Events the amount of £200 before any admin work is carried out. The remaining of £300 is due to be paid once availability has been established.

– £200 (Invoice sent to Sarah Dunning on 25/1/21)

– Remaining amount of £300 to be sent in due course

TOTAL – £500 (inclusive of all travel expenses)

Sian Chaplin Events may decline, or charge additionally for, work that she reasonably deems to be beyond this scope.