Sian Chaplin Events has been booked to coordinate the wedding of NAME and NAME on DATE at VENUEl. The agreement also includes RSVP management from approximately DATE.

On the Day Coordination – the package includes;

– Venue site visit to discuss ideas, timings and offer general advice. I usually suggest we arrange this any time from six months before the wedding as by this point you have most of the suppliers booked.

– Preparation of the schedule from six weeks before your wedding that will outline the suppliers, timings of set up, contact details etc. All suppliers will receive a copy so that they are fully aware of the arrangements. I will also discuss this with you and make sure you are happy with everything before it gets sent to everyone involved. You will also receive a copy to pass onto the bridal party etc.

– Liaising with all suppliers so that they are fully aware of the arrangements from six weeks before your wedding. Sian to email NAME when she requires the supplier information as well as details on timings, wedding party etc.

– Full day coordination from early morning until late evening.

– Advice throughout the planning via phone, email or in person. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like any advice no matter how far in advance you book.

RSVP Management – the package includes;

– Creation of a spreadsheet with a full list of guest names along with their contact details. You will have access to this throughout so that you can take a look and have an update whenever you like.

– Support with the RSVP section of the wedding website (or however you decide to collate responses).

– RSVP’s to come directly to my email address so that I can keep the spreadsheet up to date with responses and dietary requirements (I suggest from January time).

– Chasing of guests who haven’t responded by the deadline (I will need their contact details in advance)

– All guest information sent to the catering team once you have checked all responses and created a table plan.


Sian Chaplin Events will always recommend and suggest professional and established suppliers but will not be held responsible for the suppliers booked. The client will enter into contracts with suppliers and ensure they have read and understood them. All suppliers/services contract will be between the client and the supplier/service provider.

Sian Chaplin Events will use her judgement when taking action in regard to changes, weather, tardiness, non-performance etc. based on the situation, time limitations and/or your wishes.


With the wedding couple’s permission, Siân Chaplin Events would like to use any professional photographs of them, the wedding ceremony/reception setting for viewing on their website and social media for promotional purposes only. Sian may also use her own phone images for use on her social media platforms.

The photographer’s name/website will be promoted underneath the photos (if applicable).

Siân Chaplin Events gives permission and shall allow the couple to use any photographs/videos in which the wedding planner appears.


– Ensuring your instructions to Siân Chaplin Events are clear

– Notify Siân Chaplin Events of any special considerations you or your guests may have.

– Managing your budget

– Entering into contracts with suppliers and ensuring you have read and understood them. All suppliers/services contract will be between the bridal couple and the supplier/service provider.

– The couple is responsible for paying suppliers directly. Siân Chaplin Events does not accept commissions from any suppliers and will endeavour to get discounts wherever possible.

– The couple is responsible to pay Siân Chaplin Events in a timely manner as per contract.


Any changes/cancellation made to this contract must be made in writing and signed by all parties.

In the event the wedding couple is forced to change the date of the wedding, every effort will be made by Siân Chaplin Events to support the new date. The wedding couple agrees that in the event of a date change any expenses including but not limited to booking fees and fees that are non-refundable and non-transferable are the sole responsibility of the wedding couple. There may also be additional charges above and beyond those set in the original contract. The wedding couple further understands that last minute changes can impact the quality of the event and that Sian Chaplin Events is not responsible for these compromises in quality.

If the wedding couple change the date/location of the wedding and Sian Chaplin Events is unavailable to provide services, then she is released from all contract obligations and shall in no way be held responsible or liable for non-performance. The couple also forfeits all costs for non-compliance with this agreement.

Booking fees are non-refundable and any earned fees will have to be paid in full within 30 days of cancellation. Booking fees will only be refunded if Sian Chaplin Events is unable to coordinate the postponed date due to Covid 19.

Cancellation by Siân Chaplin Events:

Should Siân Chaplin Events be unable to perform any specific tasks in the planning of a wedding, due to the wedding planner illness or hospitalisation, unearned fees will be refunded and we will do our best to find a substitute Wedding Planner.


The wedding couple agrees to pay Siân Chaplin Events the agreed amount prior to the event. Any mutually agreed additional services the wedding planner may incur are to be paid by the bridal couple.

TOTAL – £*** (inclusive of both services and all travel expenses)

Booking Fee = £*** (invoice sent to NAME on DATE)

Remaining amount of £*** due w/c DATE (an invoice will be sent)

Sian Chaplin Events may decline, or charge additionally for work that Sian Chaplin Events reasonably deems to be beyond this scope.