Since pretty much the beginning of 2020 the majority of us have experienced working from home in one way or another. It can be tough to stay motivated all day, particularly when they’re so many distractions such as putting a wash on, emptying the dishwasher etc.

With me going back to being fully self employed again, my home is now my office with the occasional trip out to a local café, freelancers space. Here are my top tips on how to stay motivated and get those tasks ticked off your list!

How to stay motivated when working from home, Sian Chaplin Events Blog
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1) Write your to do list the night before

Writing your to do list before you start your day is crucial to having that motivation from the outset. Go easy on yourself and don’t put too much on there. Prioritise your list, putting the essential tasks first! Get yourself a lovely new notepad or if you prefer, pop the list on your phone. I also like to write a weekly to do list as this helps me to establish what I want to focus on as a whole that particular week.

2) Factor in time to eat

This may seem obvious but food is honestly the fuel that will keep you going throughout the day. I know for me, the second I feel hungry I lose my motivation and my brain doesn’t seem to function as well. Enjoy your favourite breakfast, drink fluids throughout the day and make sure you have a break for lunch.

Laura, Lumiere Photographic
“My top tip to stay motivated when working from home is movement! Sounds odd but stick with me… Sitting at a desk all day is an easy habit to fall into, but not only is this very boring; it can be really bad for your body, your posture and your mind too! I know personally, starting the day with a dog walk sets me up perfectly for a day of working from home. I also set one hour alarms and when they go off I HAVE to get up and move, stretch a little or run on the spot. Getting your blood pumping will give you a nice little boost and help the next hour go past a little easier!”

3) Write a timeline

This doesn’t have to be too regimented but for me I try and note down what I’m going to do in the morning and afternoon. Assign a certain amount of time to each task so that you aren’t spending too much time on one job, you can always come back to it later if you don’t finish it. Make sure you add in a time for lunch, coffee break, fresh air etc. It means you are more likely to force yourself to stop, everyone needs breaks!

Cath, Raspberry Toast
“Working from my home is the perfect environment for lack of focus. We all know there are sooooo many distractions … and the most boring jobs (like cleaning the cutlery drawer) can suddenly seem very attractive! To keep your focus, be clear what you want to achieve each day, and complete one task at a time.

It sounds pretty obvious, but it’s so easy to ’just take that call’, check your social media or make a brew. Before you know it, it’s lunchtime and you’ve crossed nothing off your list. Decide on the tasks you want to achieve that day, and start ticking them off one at a time.

Do the tasks on your list, in the order you put them in (you decided on that order for a reason). I promise that by the end of the day, you will feel fab for what you’ve achieved and the urge to log back on to work will be less likely”

4) Enjoy a change of scenery

Image of Sian Chaplin working remotely
Photo Credit – Lily North Photography

A change of scenery can make such a difference to your motivation. If you aren’t able to visit a café or freelancers working space for an hour or two then why not spend the morning in your home office followed by the afternoon downstairs in your living room or dining room? It sounds simple but being in the same room all day can really take it out of you after a while, give it a try and see if it helps!

Ryan, Shutter Go Click
“My one top tip for staying motivated when working from home would be to do one thing to improve your business every day. It doesn’t matter what it is or how small just do a single thing. That could be interacting on Instagram, making a new post on your blog, updating your website, posting a story etc.”

5) Listen to your favourite music

Working in absolute silence is my worst nightmare. The only time I like peace and quiet is after a long day when I want to be on my own and sit in silence for half an hour or so. Music can really help you to concentrate and feel energised. There are lots of suggested playlists on Spotify or you can create one based on your likes and dislikes.

6) Have regular breaks

It can be hard to take breaks sometimes, particularly if you’re stuck in Zoom meetings all day or feel like you can’t move away from your laptop/desk ever! Regular breaks such as grabbing a coffee, eating your lunch away from your desk and getting out for some fresh air will do you the world of good!

Kate, The Destination Wedding Co
“What gets me out of my work from home funk is a change of scenery & shaking it out on a walky-jog-run! If the energy is low, change it up”

7) Get ready for the day!

This might not work for everyone but in my opinion if you treat your working day as if you were leaving the house to take your daily commute, you’d be having a shower, wearing something nice and getting ready for the day ahead. By doing this you are starting the day off with a positive mindset and feeling refreshed. I salute those who can work all day in their PJ’s or comfy joggers but for me it does nothing but make me feel sluggish and demotivated.

What helps you stay motivated throughout the day? Comment below and share your tips!

Sian x