There is no doubt that the build up to your wedding can increase the stress levels what with final payments due, wedding nightmares and timings to confirm with suppliers.

After all your hard work you both deserve to be 100% stress free and enjoy the day to the fullest. Check out my top tips below!

Wedding ceremony at Deepdale Farm in York
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Hire a wedding planner to coordinate your day

Freelance wedding planners are worth their weight in gold and I’m not just saying this because I am one! We care about your special day just as much as you do and will ensure that everything is taken care of.

Outdoor festival wedding in Leeds, West Yorkshire
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Put together a schedule

Often a lot of couples worry that suppliers won’t turn up or the venue won’t remember the timings. To ease your mind put together a schedule that outlines the suppliers you have booked along with timings of the day including day before prep and take down the following day. Send this out to everyone involved roughly one week before so it gives time for people to come back with any questions.

Get an early night

You most likely won’t get much sleep the night before your wedding so an early night is essential. Enjoy a glass of wine with your bridal party, add some essential oils to your pillow and get lots of rest.

Bride tribe inspiration
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Enjoy a hearty breakfast and drink lots of water

On the morning of your wedding you might feel sick with nerves and excitement but this shouldn’t stop you from having a healthy and hearty breakfast. Going hungry will only have an impact on your mood so enjoy your favourite breakfast food along with plenty of water, fizz and caffeine. Whilst getting ready stay hydrated and arrange snacks or a light lunch to prevent that hunger feeling before the wedding breakfast.

Assign jobs to your bridal party

Don’t be afraid to note down a list of jobs for your bridal and groom party, they will be happy to help! Include jobs for set up too so that everyone knows what is expected of them.

Wedding table centrepiece ideas
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Prepare a playlist for getting ready

No bride or groom should be getting ready in silence. Put together a playlist with your favourite tunes and turn it up high!

Go with the flow and enjoy it!

On the day of your wedding it really does feel like you’re in this delightful little bubble with no awareness of time. Accept that what will be will be and trust that your wedding day will be amazing :)

Bride and her bridesmaids at Markington Hall
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I hope you find these top tips useful!

Sian xxx

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