It’s so common to have those moments throughout the planning where you either feel completely disorganised or so organised that you think you should be planning your wedding constantly with no free time whatsoever from the moment you get engaged to the big day.

The thing is, if you are super organised then you can enjoy moments where no planning needs to be done. No really, it’s true!

With Christmas just around the corner and a brand new year fast approaching, here are my top tips for getting organised with your wedding planning ready for 2019.

Download a checklist

If you haven’t already, download or rip out a checklist from a magazine and stick it somewhere convenient such as your fridge or workspace. They are super handy and give you the reassurance that you’re on track with the planning.

Sian Chaplin Events Wedding Timeline Checklist

Write a to do list!

Make a note of what you still need to book, purchase and organise so that you feel prepared in the New Year. Christmas is a time to relax and enjoy the holidays so have a break and get back to the planning with a fresh pair of eyes in January. If at any point you feel overwhelmed by the planning, make a new list and note down your ideas. Keeping them in your head will only stress you out further.

Wedding planning stationery

Start a Pinterest or vision board

This isn’t essential but it can be a great way to explore ideas and see them all in one place. Pinterest is an amazing platform with so many gorgeous ideas but you can also find lots of inspiration in magazines. Get yourself a scrap book and start sticking things in!

Village Hall wedding ideasStart a spreadsheet

If you haven’t already started one then set up a spreadsheet that you can both feed into. It’s a perfect place to manage your budget, guestlist, to do list and overall organisation. Spreadsheets can look really boring so add lots of colour to make it fun to populate!

Produce a schedule

As your wedding day approaches it’s a great idea to put together a schedule that outlines the timings, arrangements, suppliers, emergency contacts, bridal party etc. I do this for all of my couples which is then passed onto all suppliers and the venue. That way everyone knows exactly what is going on and prevents copious amounts of questions during set up and on the day. Send this out roughly one week prior to the big day and have a copy handy on the day.

Wedding planning

Enjoy it πŸ™‚

Your wedding day is one of the best days of your lives so try and enjoy the planning as much as possible. Being organised will make such a huge difference and enable you to have a positive experience throughout. Remember to take time away from the planning and plan date nights with your husband or wife to be!

I hope that helps! If at any point you would like support with your wedding planning then don’t hesitate to get in touch. As well as planning support I also offer one hour sessions where you can get lots of advice at any stage of the planning.

Sian xxx