So today marks six months since my first day of self employment. In some ways it feels like my working life has always been this way, it honestly seems strange to think I used to wake up and work a 9-5, Monday – Friday. There will always be some element of working or at least thinking about my business each day but overall my work life balance is so much healthier and I’m really hoping it stays that way!

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The Highs

There have been so many highs since going self employed, here are my top five!

  • A healthier work life balance with the ability to spend more time at home.
  • Each day is completely different! I’ll have days where I’m home doing admin all day then others I’ll be visiting venues or meeting up with clients and suppliers.
  • Genuinely loving what I do and working with such wonderful couples and clients who trust me to support them with the planning of their wedding or special celebration.
  • Being in control of the amount of work I take on and taking on lots of opportunities.
  • Being surrounded by lots of other lovely people who are self employed.

Sian Chaplin Events

The Lows

I’m all about honesty, here are my lows;

  • Not having a team is quite lonely at times. My friends at my previous job were amazing, I miss them lots πŸ™
  • The constant thinking and worrying about money. The fact that you don’t have a monthly salary will never get easier.
  • Working from home involves a HUGE amount of motivation!
  • Running a business requires wearing at least 200 hats unless you can afford for others to run your social media, design your website and keep an eye on your finances.
  • You never ever stop thinking about your business. You think about it from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep. It’s also harder to fully relax if and when you go on holiday as you feel like you have to constantly be checking in or letting people know you still exist.

Sian Chaplin Events, Yorkshire Wedding and Event Planner

All in all it is 100% worth it and I truly mean that. The next six months are going to be both challenging and amazing, more on that at a later date!

Sian xxx